The first thing we need to clear up is the difference between your brand, your brand identity, and of course your logo.
We see logos every day, and the logos are surround us. I am sure, if you looked around you right now, you would see at
least 5 logos. They’re not the same! However, you do need close attention to each of them. In one sentance, the logo is
symbolizing your orgnaization.

The benefit of a great logo design is so much important to your business or organization. Below are 6 top reasons to
benefit of a professional logo design:

1. Logo gives a great first impression of a business or organization.
2. Logo is represent a concept and strategy of a profession.
3. A logo consistency identity and makes it easier to build your brand or identity.
4. A logo will help to project a professional project paper or portfolio.
5. Logo is help to get the correct formats and variations for all media
6. Logo is help to return a professionalism.

A logo designer determine the creative vision of a project. You can become a perfect logo designer if you have a good
knowledge with design principal and color theory. In this course we will boost up your design principal and color
theory concept.

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